fibre network outages: true cost to a network operator

calculate how much will you be saving when you switch to REDeye to manage your OSP infrastructure and prevent Fibre Network Outages proactively through our monitoring system

why preventing fibre network outages could considerable increase your ROI

outages are a liability to any network operators since alot of dependency for fast net access is demanded by consumers and business alike. here is why investing in a proactive fiber network management system will help turn a higher ROI over time

avoid costly repairs

damage to fiber network infrastructure can be costly in terms of cost of repair which includes reburial cost, man power involved and spare parts changed

preserving records

have a transparent systems of records that allow you to rewind the data in case of any legal disputes

business growth

a stable network service provision will allow leaders to focus more on growing the business and less time focusing on maintaing network availability

SLA improvement

avoid costly SLA penalties by maintaining your network uptime according to you requirements

better customer reviews

improve market share and reputation with satisfying your customers

saving employee time

employees time will be better spent on task that brings higher yield and less on dealing with unnecessary outages issues

fibre network outages uptime and resilience

Maintaining your fibre network uptime from unforeseen outages due to various factor is key in saving millions of losses to your business. Use our calculator in finding out how much you can potentially save with REDeye Fibre Network Management and Preventive Maintenance Software

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