holistic view of your utility network

save time and cost with fully automated reporting

customizable reports available at one click

access critical network reports on-demand and customize them based on filters of your choice for fast turn around

REDeye Feature Reporting- Outside Plant Maintenance Software

stop relying on outdated spreadsheet and papertrail for reporting

streamline reporting by using a single source of truth for your utility network information storage to save time and avoid costly reporting mistakes

smoother stakeholder communications

communicating critical information to stakeholders will be breeze with detailed report that is customizable and filtered to their exact need

save employee time

distill critical information instantly for reporting allowing employee to save time as well as ensure accurate reporting

focus on what matters

with accurate information at your finger tips you and your team can focus on what really matters

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the only network resilience platform you need to manage your fibre network infrastructure

• dedicated training
• in the field support team
• fully customizable to your needs

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