network management for energy utilities

electricity utilities management software providing you with geospatial view and field engineers management

better manage your utility networks

use our ROI calculator below to find out how much can you save in operations and maintenance cost with REDeye

network management

manage all your network in a single platform

asset management

accurately locate and model assets in GIS view for easy monitoring and condition evaluations.

field engineers

monitor work done by field engineers and contractors instantly from our in-app camera

simplify complexity of grid with our GIS enabled network management software

drive digital transformation to your operations and maintenance

increase grid resilience

the complex nature of electricity utilities can now be managed in a single cloud-based platform allowing electric utility organization to save more in their operations and network

improve grid reliability

be always on the know about your field force and grid assets better protecting them

manage resources efficiently

avoid operation inefficiencies of network services and management time by deploying resources where it matters the most

avoid downtime

increase reliability of electric distribution by proactively monitoring all assets in your network

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the only network resilience platform you need to manage your fibre network infrastructure

• dedicated training
• on the field support team
• fully customizable for your needs

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