proactively monitor and protect your fibre network with ease

protect the health of your assets by proactively monitoring your fibre network and assets from damage caused by 3rd party construction activity

protect fibre network outages from 3rd party damages effectively

maximize your network uptime by increasing your fiber network resilience – saving you time, saving you money. If damage to pipeline and cable is a critical issue for you, REDeye is perfect as a proactive protective solution for your assets.

increase network resilience, saving you time, saving you money.

implement proactive monitoring for your fibre network increasing your revenue and protecting it from downtime that can result in the loss of tens of thousands to millions

0 network outages

hit your organization target for zero recorded outages for the year by implementing a proactive management approach

improve business goodwill

get positive reviews and goodwill from customers for having zero to limited downtime on your network

avoid loss in revenue

reduce loss in revenue due to downtime in your network, maximize your potential revenue

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the only network resilience platform you need to manage your fibre network infrastructure

• dedicated training
• in field support team
• fully customizable to your needs

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