securing fibre network infrastructures from outages proactively

find out how REDeyes is utilized to ensure connectivity with consumer and business throughout the island state navigating through it’s complex terrain and rapid constructions.

REDeye is field tested for 20 years in ensuring fibre network uptime

enabling millions of consumers and thousands of businesses to stay connected without significant downtime, that can cause significant losses in revenue and customers. Here is how REDeye was able to facilitate fibre network infrastructures management for network operators:

Outside Plant Maintenance- REDeye Software

network protection

direct API integrations have enabled operators to pinpoint construction that are happening on their network accurate at real time. Allowing for faster response time in the event of an incidence
Road Patrol Monitoring Fibre Backbone

Field services

Enable field services to accurately collect information on the condition of the network and allow for remote decision making.
Road Patrol Monitoring Manhole- Fibre Network

avoid outages

REDeye has been successful in preventing costly and serious outages for major telecommunication partners over 8 years

client success stories

REDeye is deployed globally assisting over 100 executives who are responsible in managing 20 over critical fibre network infrastructures management make decision faster  . Here are some of their success stories:

multiple networks

tracking across diverse geographies with different contractors by ensuring consistent data reporting for fast remote decision making

REDeye Software Client Logo- Seaborn


Seaborn maintain 99.99% network uptime that boosts customers retention in Brazil

single source of truth

comprehensive system of record and granularity enables effective decisions making and reduces operational time and costs.

our clients

what they say about REDeye

“Knowing who is working near the network increased our network resilience”
Head of Fibre Operations
“The solution better protects our network by placing key information in the hands of the people who needed it most, the Operations team and Field services”
Vice President
Seaborn Network

the only network resilience platform you need to manage your fibre network infrastructure

• dedicated training
• in the field support team
• fully customizable to your needs

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