collaborative workspace to share file and message field engineers

work with your field team in a collaborative workspace allowing for sharing of documents and direct chats

Fiber network field collaborative software to secure your network

enabling remote leaders, field workers, and engineers to work in a collaborative workspace​. Share critical documents, workflow, SOP files, charts with your field engineers without compromising security. REDeye’s Fiber Network Field Collaborative Software allows you to also communicate with your field workers at real-time ensuring message get across fast and easy

Fiber Network Field Collaborative Software

save time and costs with collaborative workspace

invest in the system of record, to simplify work flow among network engineers to save critical operation hours and valuable cost. Communication and access is key when it comes to securing your fiber network from unforeseen outages

financial impact

increase financial returns, with reduction in cost and increase in revenue generated by asset

save employee time

enables all authorized employee to obtain fiber records information in minutes and efficient management of field engineers

customers satisfaction

grow satisfaction among customers with faster response time, commitment to zero network outages

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the only network resilience platform you need to manage your fibre network infrastructure

• dedicated training
• in the field support team
• fully customizable to your needs

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