protect your fiber network from outages

maximize your fiber network uptime with the integrated fiber network management software

Trusted by leading telecommunication companies

Trusted by leading telecommunication companies

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manage all of your fiber network operations in one single platform

REDeye, is an integrated Fiber Network Management Software that enables utility leaders to protect, monitor, record, collect insights, collaborate with field workers and automate reporting in one unified platform.

REDeye- Fibre Network Management Software Dashboard

utility assets suitable for REDeye

REDeye is versatile solution that can also be used for critical infrastructure asset management for utilities ranging from telecommunications, electric grid, data centers, water pipelines, and many more along the line.
Terrestrial Fibre Network Management


On-Net Fiber Network Management


Terrestrial Section Subsea Fiber Network


harness over 20 years of field tested solution to your assets

With industry-leading expertise, you can deliver superb customer experience by maximizing your network uptime and resilience with our Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) model.

Total customers network length being used as of 2023

721 km*

network length

managed across multiple geos and location

Total customers records being used in REDeye as of 2023 based of one country


on-net constructions

assets managed

90% of  customers records since 2018



recorded outages

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Manage multiple international critical infrastructure networks seamlessly from a single dashboard. Benefits include accountability tracking across diverse geographies and consistent data reporting for fast remote decision making


different geographics networks


recorded outages


on-net activities managed

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REDeye provides TATA's with a single source of truth, both current and historical, on all network activities. This comprehensive system of record and granularity enables effective decisions making and reduces operational time and costs.


main pipeline managed


recorded outages


on-net activities managed

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