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No, our software is a proactive tool that works in tandem with your field services in improving the management of on-net construction activity,  to minimise down time, maintain the condition of the network, improve reporting and provide the data to make the right decisions fast.

We can update the location in the software via 2 methods. If there are existing GIS coordinate files, we can upload them to pinpoint all asset locations.

Another way will be for your patrol team to take a picture of the asset during the preliminary patrol.  The app captures the coordinates to the level of accuracy of the phone ( typically 15m) .

We take into account factors based on linear network length, number of assets, and users (field workers as well as web app users) before we can quote you. The license fee is charged annually

REDeye can be used for any utility network management such as gas pipelines, sewers, electric, water, etc.

Our main focus is to mitigate outages and protect the network, our software allows you to get the most out of your current field force and contractors.

The requirement to have more field operatives will depend on the current size of your team and the frequency with which you want to patrol the network. 

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